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Hidden Powers of a Sheep – How Wool Can Help Save the World


As Judith D. Schwartz الخيارات الثنائية يبوك قوات الدفاع الشعبي  points out in her article, wool is gaining a renaissance, and this is party due to the desire of many to return to a natural, more wholesome way of living as people increasingly embrace natural ways of living.

This has come as a backlash to the intense consumerism and capitalism that has engulfed the world in the last decade or so. Cheap labor that has created the throw-away society we now live in is ruining the world, and people are starting to wake up and realize. Surely it is better to buy one item of quality clothing that will last you years than to buy several cheaper alternatives each year that do not last the season? Tammy White a farmer from Shaftsbury, Vermont says:

“The more people are turning to technology, the more they’re also returning to home-made,”

Tammy and other sheep farmers are leading a revolution, as well as providing long-lasting natural fabrics for the community, the sheep are also greatly beneficial to the land. When placed on fallow land, the grazing of the sheep can actually regenerate the land in that area, as their presence sets in motion the right carbon dioxide/carbon balance in the soil and the air.